Why all these Actors on import from Rhino3D?

The attached image shows a radiator imported into UE4 via Datasmith from a Rhino 3dm file. Why are so many actors created in addition to the meshes?


I can’t quite tell from this screenshot alone which actors you are referring to. Can you show us the World Outliner as well?

In case it’s helpful in your situation, there was a really great UE livestream recently that demoed the Visual Dataprep tool that’s a part of UE (must be enabled through the Plugins menu). It’s a very convenient way to clean up data coming from tools like Rhino, including combining of meshes, LOD generation, ignoring/removing elements, and much more. The video is posted to YouTube here: “Using Visual Dataprep in Unreal Engine”

I’m referring to the little white spheres below thr radiator segments. Thanks for the YouTube link. Very informative tutorial.