Why alembic importer is a pain for character animation

I recently tried Unity alembic importer and amazed by its speed and ease of use. It imports the animation fast and individual models can be selected but in unreal you get a single mesh.
Also unreal did not support some geometries and its support and speed are getting worse in 4.19 and 4.20.

There is also a bug with importing constrained meshes. Like if the eyeballs of a character are constrained to the skeleton and not skinned - you will have it with an offset in the Unreal. While Maya and Blender do export/import such files without any problems.

Just installed Unity after reading this purely to test out the Alembic stuff, and yeah i agree the ease of use and the speed is night and day compared to Unreal. I am trying to justify using Unreal to move our production company pipeline to real-time rendering. When it takes me 10-15 minutes to import a 600mb, 1,500 frame single character animation shot in Unreal, and 30 seconds in Unity, there is a big issue.

Yes, its the only ue4 drawback and it’s getting worse in 4.19 and 4.20. It should be simple to fix right>

And there is another thing - you can not import camera animation from alembic cache into UE4. In our pipeline we use alembic cache to export all animations from Maya including camera animation, but have to use fbx to get the camera to Unreal. And with fbx you get all the fun camera axis mismatch stuff.

Another thing is huuugee ram usage. I thought it gonna fix by streaming the file from hard drive but there is no news about it.