Why Ai do not move towards the sound?

My ai should go to the location where sound happens but he didnt move when he hears sound he do nothing. he just going to his guard post and being idle but in blueprint he needs to move if he hear sound and then go back to his guard posistion. it is also clear that he can hear sound because i made blueprint saying if he hear sound print string “sound” which works perfectly so the problem is not on it. here is some screenshot of BehaviourTree , ai controller blueprint and blueprint on “ResetHeared”(On BehaviourTree) And Click below the post after tag to view photo

same problem…hope this will be answered :frowning:

Do you have a Make Sound Component on the actor you want to make the sound ? or Pawn Make Noise Component if you want ai to make noise ? Here is the link to the make noise component documentation Make Noise | Unreal Engine Documentation

Well Its old post already sloved myself . it didnt work for me because in AiController I didnt write anything on “Default value” on the “name variable” . but when i write HasHearedNoise on DefaultValue Everything worked perfectly.
HasHearedNoise is actually from behaviour tree node