Why after load a map,screen will white for several seconds?

First I’m sorry for my poor English,I’m Chinese…
I’m using ue 4.12,I use c++ code to receive the message for another map has loaded:
FCoreUObjectDelegates::PostLoadMap.AddUObject(this, &LoadingScreen::OnLoadMapEnd);
Now question is: when the LoadingScreen::OnLoadMapEnd method go, the map should load finish,
but the screen will full of white for several second,Actually .

OK,so hard to ask this question for me… because of my poor English… And someone can help me?

Anyone help me???


This is because when a map finishes loading, it has not finished spawning and initializing game play actors and world classes.
This includes gamemodes, playercontrollers and huds all of these inherit from AActor. You must wait a while longer before the world is ready to view.
You should aim for after AGameMode::PreInitializeComponents. You want to be sure all actors are spawned and initialized before finishing your load screen.


But I see the “ShooterGame”,which game created by Epic,I download it from market, the umap is large too, and in same load way, there is no same issue…
I think when I receive the message for map load finished, I should see the map,
even though the actors not load finish. But now, I see white screen only…

Yes,like this…

Sorry for the late return! I looked into Epic’s ShooterGame example and I see they are using PostLoadMap. I do not know why you are getting the white screen though. Are you using Seamless Travel with your GameMode?

I have the same problem,too.Do you resolve it?Thank you!