Why -90.f ?

Hi there, just a short problem overview:
(I’m not sure, it is right forum, this question is related to both C++ and Content Creation branches)

  1. UE 4.5.1
  2. ShoterGame demo
  3. WeapGun blueprint
  4. Notice two types of weapons : 1st person, 3rd person
  5. 3rd person is rotated by X -90.f
    6. 1st person isn’t rotated, I can’t even do it, there is no possibility to rotate the root component
  6. Goto void AShooterCharacter::SpawnDefaultInventory()
  7. Start playing
  8. After calling this line :

AShooterWeapon* NewWeapon = GetWorld()->SpawnActor<AShooterWeapon>(DefaultInventoryClasses*, SpawnInfo);

(WeapGun_C is the class specified at the first argument)
It appears that NewWeapon is rotated by X -90.f

How come?
I tripple checked, nothing rotates the 1st person weapon. I traced the code and noticed that the rotation is loaded from WeapGun blueprint asset file and stored in Default__WeapGun_C class. This class is used as a template for spawned weapons.
But how the user managed to rotate the 1st person weapon?? As I said, is it impossible to change rotation of root components