Why 3D Android Game has a so bad perfomance?!

Hi Staff

Please… I really can´t release my game to Google Play Store with a so bad perfomance, the game is very simple, it is like a perpetual runner, but a ball with simple blocks being spawned to be the path… A few obstacles and pickup itens.

It is running, but the performance is too bad, stuttering in any Android Devices.

There are games much more “heavy” then mine that works smoothly on the same devices tested.

What is wrong??

PS: Project settings are set for 3D Scalable Mobile…

help pls!!

Hey FilipeTessaro,

This question is a duplicate of another post you have created. I am closing this as a duplicate as it has been resolved on the post in the link I have provided. Basically you are procedurally generating your level, and you need to optimize the garbage collection to remove the stuttering.