Whre is the Sci-Fi Bunk Room?

I was starting this tutorial:

and it says to make a project starting from the Launcher Learning Tab, and select the SciFi Bunk.

I don’t see it. Where do I find it? Thanks !

P.S. How do I edit the title of my post? I accidentally a word

Hi realmlord!

SciFi Bunk is actually a new upcoming scene. We’re working to get it out the door to you very soon! Think of the doc like a little sneak peek. :slight_smile:

And a whole new category, Community Contributions, has appeared in the Learn tab, with SciFi Bunk in it available for download!

Check it out!

Very cool , very long time i saw this project , finaly will be downloadable.

Hope you guys enjoy the scene and learn something from it!

I love the retro-futurism! Very nice :smiley:

@ PogoP

thanks for this, looks really interesting and can’t wait to look at this in detail.
really weak on materials and especially instancing & using a master material, so hope this will enlighten me on the subject

really great that you share this with the community, so thanks for that especially

ps: curtains on a space station window. how friggin’ kool is that, huh? lol :cool:

Looking forward to this very much.