Who's Interested in Some Free ArchViz Models?

So, I work for a decorative architectural glass company selling glass shower enclosures and sliding glass doors etc… So when I can’t find a good project photo or product photo, I make it in 3ds (duh, I love making video game assets.) My boss loves it and thinks it’s so cool. So I have all these random scenes and stuff laying around and thought I’d do something with them.

What my end goal is, is to create a package that I can sell in the market place consisting of glass showers (sliding and pivot), mirrors, faucets, sinks, glass doors (pivot, barn door, sliding), and parts like hinges and sliding hardware. I don’t make toilets or tubs, but I can try to make lights and towel holders, light switches and plugins since I’ve got that stuff made.

Since we focus on the hospitality industry, a lot of those things i already have except for the two things I mentioned. I think I can make a couple or three tubs.

Here’s some demo shots.

My question is can someone test these out for me? I didn’t unwrap anything and no UV stuff too… :frowning:

What exactly do you mean with “test” them? :slight_smile:

GOOD question. I guess ‘test’ isn’t the right word. Basically, I just was looking for a few people to throw them into some archviz scenes they are working on and shoot me some notes on what I could change and/or improve. Are the sizes WAY off? Should I add more poly’s? Less Poly’s? Etc…

I could take a look at them (but I’m not an archviz pro) :slight_smile:

Yeah, me neither. I’m really wanting to learn. Games are new for me but after years of modeling and 3ds work, I thought I could expand. Love making textures too, just really suck at game texturing.

I’m not at a point in my project that I need these, but I think a furniture pack like this would be cool to have on the marketplace. You mentioned that you didn’t UV them and these aren’t really game-optimized? I think you’ll need to figure that out before Unreal Engine users will hurry to put them in projects. It wouldn’t be fun to hand-fix everything and make sure the poly count is correct and that the UVs work for lightmaps and what-not. I’m interested and I’ll check back later, but my advice is to make it more marketable to real-time developers.

Oh yeah. I certainly want to include materials, unwrap of course, and optimize. I also want to make a few more assets. I’m also looking to narrow this pack down to have a focus and not just random stuff.

Okay, built a sink, lamps, counter, and finished the shower. Unwrapped everything and made some textures. Making more assets now.

I would be really interested in that glass material. We’re working on couple arch viz projects so it would be interesting to test it.

This is more than likely totally wrong and I have excess things going on that have no bearing on the outcome of the glass, but this is my setup using a color and constants only.

Where can I download this??