Whole game tutorial.

Sorry, I prefer not to do private messages because they cannot be searched from the forum. The answer provided may solve another game devs issue someday. Its relevant to finding tutorials on Implementing Galaga Movement Patterns Algorithms and it clearly defines the core issue. Your really seeking a Whole Game Tutorial on developing a Top-Down Scroller Game similar to 1942.

Keep em coming, this is great stuff!

Hi all, I might be a little late to the party. I have been in the process of making a start to end set of make a game tutorials for YouTube before I came across this forum. I’ve just released my first two videos here - YouTube if anyone would care to have a look or share it around to people getting into it.

For the same reasons mentioned here, my main reason for doing this was that I learned a lot in Unity making small prototype games from start to end as you see how a lot of concepts fit together opposed to a lot of the tutorial videos currently available just covering one very specific concept at a time then moving on to something random in the next video. Don’t get me wrong though I love some of the Unreal Engine ‘quick shot’ blueprint stuff.

Constructive feedback is more than welcome too;)