Who was first?


One a***e a day, keeps you from making adventure games your way.

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This only happens while packaging for apfel?
This stuff (relegating anything for ios) is not worth all that hassle.

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Does the forum censor the word apple now?
a p p l e apple

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For the forum we need to find ways that are harder to process. Instead of writing the word one like o n e we start using a censor sheet and reference the forbidden words in upper case. Writing numbers as words is to common to be easily detected by their AI scripts. Please help completing the sheet.

I tested “gates”, but it didn’t complain. hmm…

I got auto-moderated hard & often on Answer Hub for consistently mistyping but as butt. Totally deserved, though! :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: OP’s image, there are a bunch of reserved words the editor will complain about; it is naming conventions related and unlikely to have anything to do with the legal battle that ensued after the Fortnight shenanigans.

Or is it?!

Slowly puts the tinfoil hat back on…

As in, try to name a Windows folder con - good luck with that.

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