Who wants to become my Master ? :)

Hello dear and best UE4 community in the world :smiley:

For the beginning my name is Damian, i live in Germany since 13years and i was born in Poland. I’m 21 years old and after i realized that all games sucks i want to make my own game. My dream was always to make a game, a game that will be perfect and become a magnet for other players. My english isn’t that well but i give my best.
I’m a beginner and i don’t know anything about UE4, i know thinks like put a Cube into the level, make it big or small just really LOW basic stuff not even all basic stuff just a bit… i want to create a FPS game. I want to learn, i will never say “do it” i will always ask “how to do it” because i want to do it myself.

The biggest problem are blueprints i’m afraid when i see it… so many options and thinks that i get lost in it… i don’t know what i should look at.
Lets say i want to make the FPS weapon automatic so it will shot like an SMG and not like a rifle, 1 click 1 shot.

First i want to make the player physics, for now the map design is unimportant for me. First i want to make my character jump, sprint shot… then i can care about the whole map thing.

I have Skype, Teamspeak but i personaly want Skype because my english isn’t well and it’s hard sometimes to understand what someone is saying :slight_smile: im not used to talk english i’m more used to read and write :slight_smile:

Skype: damiantoczekpl

I need a Master/Teacher because when i ask here something no one cares so…

Here is an example, i found this tutorial to make ADS Ironsight for FPS:

I look at all boxes and all i see is.

Every SET is something else… i have no idea how to make this RED SET and this First Person Camera.

Hey Damian, I’m also from Poland and i’m 21 too :D, I started to play with UE 4 to make an RPG FPS survival game, but I started tiny, I’ve made a PONG game
I believe I’m pretty good at Blueprint stuff now.
It would be really cool to make some games together

My Skype: mateuszwis93