Who wants Marketplace AI?

Sure game AI is not the simplest content to create, however it’s obviously possible (especially for more experienced dev’s) and so I wonder why the marketplace doesn’t yet have a nice selection of beginner friendly AI to adapt, learn and use as an initial base. Perhaps there is a good reason for dev’s to not release AI into the marketplace but considering how little competition and options there is to choose from, I’m sure lots of noobs like me would throw cash at their screen if there were options more available. The universal Ai system for example is pretty much the only choice for general purpose AI, it looks ok but also seems to lack documentation etc. Also yes I realise it’s important to learn things through experimentation. I just find dragging in prebuilt content and reverse engineering is usually more efficient for learning (personally), maybe it’s just me but I often seem to get half way through game dev tutorials and miss a small detail that breaks everything lol.

I guess the point of my post is just to point out that there’s essentially no AI stuff in the marketplace, if you already have something working why not put it up for sale? I would be your first customer, in fact if other people are interested maybe we can pool together a bounty and offer it to a willing dev(job section) to build a general purpose AI?

I have recently added a poll, votes might encourage dev’s to look into Ai for unreal. :slight_smile: