WHO TO CONTACT? Changed Epic display name, forum name didn't update. Account support was useless.

As the title says, changed the display name of my Epic account. The answer hub, launcher, etc. all got the new display name correctly, but on the forum I still have the old display name.

Naturally I initially contacted the account support with the following message:


After several rounds of account ownership verification, the reply I got was this:

How is the account support for this forum, which uses the same login credentials as the rest of Unreal related products, and is by all means the same account, not available through Epic account support? I log in here with my Epic account. It’s not a different unofficial forum or anything like that.

Who is the “forum admin”? I assume it would be Epic staff? I found no info on that anywhere on this forum, or elsewhere.

Who do I contact for changing the username here? This entire situation seems like bad account support from Epic.

Same problem here.
Silence of death on their end.