Who’s going to the 2016 Game Developers Conference (GDC)?

The 2016 Game Developers Conference is coming up soon in San Francisco, so I thought it would be nice if people going to GDC could give everyone a taste of what they’ll be doing there.

If you are attending, what are you hoping to get out of it? And if you are presenting a lecture or seminar, exhibiting on the Expo floor, nominated for an award, or involved in some other way, tell us about it! Perhaps this thread will help Unreal Engine folk find each other and have a more rewarding GDC. Party recommendations welcome!

Personally, I will be found at the =20"]SkookumScript booth (#1844)]([id) at the GDC Expo (March 16-18). This will be our second year at the GDC Expo, and we will be demoing the SkookumScript Unreal Engine 4 Plugin, which should be launched as a code plugin on the Unreal Marketplace by GDC. So drop by and learn why SkookumScript is your superpowered scripting solution for Unreal Engine 4! Epic Games recently awarded us an Unreal Dev Grant to support the development of our plugin, so we are looking forward to showing off all of SkookumScript’s nifty new features. See you there! We’ll be impossible to miss in our iconic SkookumScript lab coats.

So what are you—yes, YOU—doing at GDC?

I’ll be there, and glad to stop by and see your plugin.

Hmm if someone sponsers me lol

Buddies here are all ready to go, they like to splash in my face their GDC passes all day…
Me not going :/, I must go back to Brazil soon.

Cool! I’ll pop by. :slight_smile:

Just curious, your package is faster than native blueprints…right? What about the C++ converter (when building)? Thanks!


Hey since this thread is about GDC I answered your question on the SkookumScript thread.

In summary though - SkookumScript is super fast during your workflow, compiling and while running in your game. :cool:

If anyone is in the San Fransisco area during GDC March 16-18 and would like to attend, just let us know - we still have free GDC Expo passes.