Who already got the Student Developer Pack?

Dear Community,

I wonder whether much of you already have got the Student Developer Pack from the GitHub Education project?
I requested the discount more than a month ago and still no response. Leaving my patience…

What have you provided as proof? Are you sure you didn’t make any typos in the contact info? (email) try again. I got mine after around 3 days.

I got it in a day. I just entered my uni email address and thy added me to the github education project. It actually hold up for 2 years.

I provided my ID and it was rejected, since it was in Russian, I guess. The second time I provided my electronic card which is issued only for students and for the studying period. The last request has been pending for more than a month. I send a email to them and no answer. And my email address is correct.

It seems the problem is in the language of my ID.

I go to a US university and had a student email address to go with it and I got my student pack in about twenty minutes.

Twenty minutes? Happy you. In my uni one has to be a stuff to get an email address =(

Maybe this is a part of the US sanctions? =D

Keep re-applying and keep sending emails.

Don’t give up. Rinse and repeat, over and over.

Thank you for encouraging =)
I have just received email from them saying “we are a bit backed up…” and “have patience…”.

As far as I am concerned it took me 2 or 3 months to get it. In the meantime UE just became free :).