Whitman And Olbert 2016 RoadMap!

Hello There!

We write this thread for finish the year with the right foot, in the next lines you can see our first steps in the commercial world of the videogames, showing you our work for the amazing UE4 Marketplace!. The main things first, special thanks to Epic Games for the success opportunity that you give to the indie devs of the world, without you and UE4 a very large amount of people would not have the privilege of live of their passion, the common feature that we share, The Videogames!.

When my brother Olbert and me, Whitman, discover Unreal Engine 4, inmediatly we fell in love with it. Our lives change dramatically fast, one day we played some game, and the next we feel like the best students of our classroom (we never went so . . .). At the time, Olbert had 15 years old, and me, 16 years old. At the same time that we improve our skills developing little things, we think in a very large amount of game concepts that never see the light, mainly due to our basic knowledge about the game development, but after some triping, we made our first game concept in stay live, called “Virtual Demolition” (click the link for watch our gameplay trailer), as could not be otherwise, we were young and innocent, we think that the game development is easy, but not! bit to bit we understood that we are not prepared for the responsability of publish a game, and we leave the project aside, we continue studying for a long time.

After time, we see the success oportunity in the UE4 Marketplace, this is perfect for us, Epic Games at charge of the bureaucracy and we developing the content, no more tricks, without doubt it, we put the hands in the work, using the little acquired knowledge, July 25th of 2016, we start develop our first content pack for the marketplace, named Olbert’s Low Poly: Forest, with only two years of hard study and large amount of headache, August 31th of 2016 it was released, the time that we wait began to feel more long every day, but finally the first goal was complete! the happiness that we feel in this day was indescribable!


But Olbert’s Low Poly: Forest was not perfect, quickly we learn of our errors. The next logic step was Olbert’s Low Poly: Desert, fixing all our short legs, and improving all the stuff included in the prev pack. Desert is the first pack that include the Background Landscapes, an aditional feature of our packs that we think is very helpfull for the costumers. With this pack we undertood that the versatility is a very well apreciated feature, desert was developed for cover two enviroments, rocky deserts and sandy deserts.


After develop the last two packs, we try find a very high contrast solution, for be differenced from the others, the way to go in that moment was to the front of our nose, Taiga enviroment was our new north, Olbert’s Low Poly: Taiga was born! This is a classic in the low-poly style, in a few oportunities we ask to ourselves for what reason we dont have this idea before :confused:. In this pack we improve significantly the technique used for the grass and groundplants textures, compared with Olbert’s Low Poly: Forest. At this point we acquired a proper style for our packs.


For complete our 4-pack series, we think in something more tropical, Coast enviroment definitely are not the common scenario in the low-poly stuff, and there we go! Olbert’s Low Poly: Coast complement our first biomes series. This cover varied coast variants, magle, beach, cliffs, offer variety to the costumers.


After all that work, we get a free week before continue the job, in that week we cook some ideas, but the winner was the modular building series, as a way for expand the posibilities of our packs, the first exponent was Olbert’s Low Poly: Wood Stronghold. This pack pretends to fit with Olbert’s low Poly: Taiga, adding a complete suit of assets for create building with a trunk-cabain style. We learn a lot of things developing this content pack, specially the importance of the modularity. This pack would not draw the marketplace costumers attention as Olbert’s low Poly: Biomes Series, but the idea is good and we dont dicard it only for low sales :).


Trying to create content that get the costumers attention, we stumble with a big idea, an other 4-pack biomes series, but with exotic themes, we think in varius posibilities, and from that, Olbert’s Low Poly: Crepuscular Forest was born. However, the things are not ease, and our creativity has a limit :(, Olbert’s Low Poly: Exotic Biomes stopped by lack of ideas.


For keep developing content, We continue with the modular building series, Olbert’s Low Poly: Clay Stronghold was our best bet in that moment. Developed to be used with Olbert’s Low Poly: Desert, looking like some house in the middle-east, but one more time, the pack dont get the attention that we spect from the costumers.


In that, we think in a solution for avoid waste of time, Olbert’s Low Poly: Grass And Groundplants, our most recent job, that aims to extend Olbert’s Low Poly: Biomes series, adding a lot of grass and groundplats textures and meshes, fully customizable by the costumer, that fit in all our packs, and a bit in completely different projects!. This pack, released November 30th of 2016, draw the costumers attention a lot, despite it simplicity, and this will be a big help for the next months, hard for us :(.


At this point, our story turns into a black tunnel with a light in the end, but the tunnel is very large!. The PC that we use to work all this time (Details in our signature), cant be used right now, our GPU, an Radeon HD5570, very old indeed, was dead, due to problems with a fan in the case. Right now, that we have is a pc without a GPU for run UE4, or Blender at least! But the marketplace, one more time, is our savior!, the money that we get, is sufficient for buy a new PC, acording to the present days. But where is the problem? Our country have lack of technology right now, if you want a MotherBoard or a GPU, the only way to get it is importing all the stuff, and that is we are doing, but transport all these things here get time, one or two month at least, for that reason this RoadMap is at the same time, for tell you that we cant continue developing content for a few month, using the maths, we calculate that our next content pack can be seen in the UE4 Marketplace in April of 2017, this is a bad new for us, use UE4 has been our day to day for the last two years , and it feel strange, dont wake-up, turn on the pc and open/run UE4 :(.

For finish this long thread, very long :), We wish you the best in your projects, today more than never, the game industry need the indie devs to keep alive. If you want to help us, we dont ask you buy one of our Marketplace contents, sometimes, a comment is the only thing needed for make our day. If you want contact us, write an eMail to, we respond inmediatly to all the eMail that we recieve.

Thanks a lot for read this!

Whitman And Olbert.

PD: We open here a hole, for help a bit our childhood friend, @AlexTheDev, also called Michael Alexander Cardenas, active collaborator in our old project “Virtual Demolition”, He released his first pack the last month, named Modular Building: Cabin, continue the line of Olbert’s Low Poly: Modular Building series, but with his own magic touch. We hope you take look there!

Exellent RoadMap Guys! By the way, They and me are colleagues, neighbors for be accurate :p.

Hey @WhitmanAndOlbert

Shooting you an email about a possible solution to your current video card problem.

Email has been sent :slight_smile:

Hello @HeadClot, We send you a response to your eMail! Thanks.

Great work, looking forward to working together in the future

@Smartay thanks for the offer!, we dont discard none of the job opportunities that we recieve, but before all, we need solve our problem. When you are ready, and us by the way:(, write to our eMail!.

@AlexTheDev dont you have forgotten! we will go open you a hole in the Thread :cool:

@WhitmanAndOlbert thanks guys, that hole can be helpfull for me, right now i need all the help that i can get.

@AlexTheDev No Problem Mate! If you have a wish for this christmas dont dude put it here! :smiley:

Happy New Year guys !
Just wanted to drop you a quick message to let you know how awesome your packs are, you guys are really talented, I swear if you sneezed on a napkin I’d buy it :slight_smile:

For info, I’ve tested on mobile (iPhone 6s) using the assets in Taiga and they run fine, and of course look amazing :smiley:
… I did strip back the water shader : made it opaque which suits my game more and also gets around the problems with fighting when transparent things appear in front of other transparent things. It also reduces the shader cost a lot without too much change in appearance. I also twekaed it to Pan the UVs as I’m using it for a river so I needed the texture to flow round with the bends etc :slight_smile:

I’ve bought every pack you’ve made and can’t wait for the next … keep them coming :slight_smile:

Hope Santa brought you a new GPU :slight_smile:

rOb :smiley:

@insanerob your words fill us of emotion :slight_smile: The satisfaction of our costumers are the fuel of our engine! you can be sure that we will keep releasing content for the marketplace, at the same time that we expand our possibilities in the game industry.

Thanks Man you make us the day!

Whitman And Olbert.

Here is a brief peak at what I am creating using your asset packs, hope you like them :slight_smile:

rOb :slight_smile:

@insanerob Take a look in our new post here, we want know more about your game!