White Room

Heya, guys, this is my first post and first project, so be nice.

I wanted to do some atmospheric lighting in my first project, so I based it off Robert Sammelin’s concept art for Battlefield 4 (down below).

I used some white bounce cards outside the windows, with spotlights shining on them (gives really nice light bounces), mixed with godrays and postprocessing to achieve the atmosphere I was aiming for.


I tried to match the concept as close as I could, apart from the atmosphere and some background models (would have taken me too long for something barely visible).

Here’s the amazing concept by Robert Sammelin

Copyright 2013 © Electronic Arts Inc.

Any critique or questions are always welcome, nay, appreciated.
Thanks !

Use light portals for the Windows

Thanks a lot for your feedback, it’s really helpful !
I’ll look into it immediately

Cool ref and cool scene.

For the water on the floor on the left, perhaps the difference between weat and dry is a bit harsh…it looks like ice too me…

Keep up! :wink:

Yes, just some dark tinted overlay stains for the ground would help.

Thank you guys, I will definitely do that and update it, I tried darkening the edges a bit (it’s barely noticeable on the right puddle), but I guess I also need to smoothen the mask.

p.s using the light portals didn’t add any visible effect on the scene, I think it’s either because I already raised the lightmass of the entire scene, or because I used some ambient lights inside the room, so there’s light coming from the outside and the inside, but thank you for the tip, jojo8026, will absolutely using them in my next project (properly this time).

greate scene really loved the mood and the atmosphere

one thing is that the lighthing is too soft for me and the floor is too “clean” try adding details or just add more debrils


Ok, so I smoothed down the mask I used for the water, but got a problem where the metallic and roughness are gradated, so it’s too shiny. I think that’s why I initially went with the sharp edges (though the darker surrounding area should have been more visible).
Gonna have to work on the masking a bit more to achieve a better result.

Also added dirt decals and some broken tiles, thank you Amiot, the ground was indeed too clean.