White Rasta Quest


I’m developing a little game in my spare time. it’s a kind of action platformer with some simple puzzles and classic mechanics (moving boxes, pushing buttons, etc…), stylized/cartoon visuals and a bit of humor.

It has a reason, I’m programmer not artist and the visual part is like a hell. Most of the assets are free, other are bought and I just have made some animations or mesh modifications, so it’s very hard to get a coherent line.

For that reason I realized that put some different enemies, a weird player character and an absurd plot would be funny. I’m making this just for my own, I have no intention to make it a commercial project (at least nowdays).

Our player (white rasta man) is relaxing on the beach when I kind of meteor falls on the island. Normally he would avoide anything that disturb his relaxing morning but … these weirds zombies with his “groars” are very annoying and sudenly it’s colder, so he decide to investigate the reason…

I have implemented some mechanics like targeting enemies, dodging, doble jump, throw projectiles, melee attack, moving boxes, buttons… and for now I have some different enemies like the zombie, the sport granny who throw explosive cats, the fat elvis, coconut turrets … I will continue doing more enemies.

I also have made some movable platforms, doors, spike traps… but I have to do the most important and difficult part: put all together hehehe. I’m too bad as level designer so instead of the normal levels I have begun with the final boss.

There you have two videos and some screenshots.

I hope it likes you!



PS: Sorry for my bad english