White paint material

Can someone share their set up to get white to appear white. I have white walls in my project but they appear dingy and kind of grey. What is the set up to ensure good bright white walls. A lot of my project has very little natural lighting. Mostly light fixtures.


  1. Play with the eye adaptation. Auto Exposure (Eye Adaptation) | Unreal Engine Documentation
  2. Play with the lighting.

With a decent amount of light and the correct eye adaptation, even plugging a .8 value into the basecolor will look white.

if your lights are coloured or have a ‘temperature’, then your walls will be lit by said colour. if your lights are not light enough, they will also be somewhat grey. the easiest fix is to increase the ‘exposure bias’ to 1 or higher under the eye adaptation settings to fix this.
natural lighting is white. this will make your walls white if they are also white. if you are lighting your scene entirely by fixtures, your scene colour will depend a lot on the colours and intensities of the fixtures.
use alt-5 and alt-6 to visualise the effect of lighting on the colours of the walls. if the walls are a dark or grey colour in lighting-only visualisations, then your issue is with the lights themselves.

Thanks for the tips!!