white lines in renders

Hi All,

So I am working on my scene and doing some test bakes. Seems to be going smoothly but I am have weird things going on. Take a look at the enclosed screenshots.

I have some white lines almost like the 2 different meshes are not touching?

Also getting some sort of artifact in the ceiling around the kitchen area above the tv and cabinets? Dont know what that could be from.

Anyone else ever run into this?



Those bright faces happened to me in the past: my mesh had flipped normals…
The other one… no intersecting lights with the ceiling? Reflection capture? /just guessing!

Thanks for checking this out Makigirl.

No flip normals, actually the are no face on the bottom of the cabinets at all. Wonder if thats the issue?

No intersecting lights or ref captures. Not sure about the the whole ceiling issue

Increase resultion of the mesh and see.

Is there anything below/behind the cabinets? It looks to me like maybe the back of the cabinets are lit, and that light is bleeding over to the front because of the light mapping.
You could try putting a cap on the bottom of the cabinets (or maybe just throw in a big cube underneath).
Or maybe increase the space between islands on the lightmap uv channel. You should be able to achieve this by decreasing the resolution of the min lightmap, but then keeping the override resolution higher.