White lines appearing on Landscape

What are these white lines appearing on my landscape? Are they from the texture? a bug?

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That white line is almost certainly present in the texture itself. You can check that for yourself in Photoshop. If the texture is 1024x1024, then make a Photoshop document that is 4096x4096, then past your texture in to fill up the document and see how it tiles for yourself, outside Unreal.

If you didn’t make this texture for yourself using Substance or something similar, then it’s pretty easy to fix repeating lines like that. Assuming the white line is near the edge of the texture, you can use the offset filter (if the texture is 1024x1024, then offset 512x512) to move the middle to the center and the center to the edge. Then you can paint over the line which is now in the middle of the image.

And for future reference, you probably won’t want to post under “UDK Content Creation and Design.” You probably won’t want to post under any of the “Legacy” topics. This part of the forum is intended for UDK and Unreal Engine 3.

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Ok thank you. It was a texture issue. My mistake posting in the wrwong board, I’m new to using the forums for Unreal.