White ferrari

This artwork is highly inspired by Frank Ocean’s album called “Blonde” and some of his singles, mostly by tracks “White Ferrari” and “Moon River”. When I firstly heard “White Ferrari” I was listening to it for about three days on non-stop. But the idea of this came when I firstly heard “Moon River”, it was changed a lot since the first concept. All started in October maybe, I blocked the basic shape of the car, created the highpoly, midpoly and all of that stuff. I reworked this car from scratch for 3 times but you still can find some problems because this is my first car model =).

The car have 140 000 triangles, 9 texture sets, modeled in Blender, UVed in RizomUV, baked in Marmoset Toolbag 4, textured in Substance Painter. Landscape was made in World Creator with some polishing in Gaea. For landscape material i’ve used Brushify. Some of the trees were made in Speedtree, some are from “Tropical Jungle” pack from Unreal Marketplace, small vegetation are from Megascans library. Water and clouds are new UE4 feature. Post processing in Photoshop.

Sorry for my English =)

For some reason i can’t upload photos here so i’ll pin my artstation down below.

Artstation - ArtStation - Vadim Evseiko