While in 3rd person play mode, the camera switches to first person in a specific area and some places have invisible barriers on them

I’m very new to UE4 so sorry if this is a stupid thing that i’m missing, but I just built a new area for a map iv’e been working on. When I fly around in the map it works fine, I can place stuff and look around easily. But when I try and go into play mode, the game switches to a strange 1st person mode and there are invisible barriers everywhere, but when I go into a different area that I built a little while ago everything works fine and as it should. I have a video if this doesn’t make to much sense.

I can really use some help so thanks in advance to anyone who helps!

Looks like the problem is your meshes have big collision shapes. When the camera collapses with those collision shapes, the camera gets closer to its origin. In the editor, there’s “Show” menu on the top left corner of the viewport. You can tick “Collision” and see what’s blocking your character (or Alt+C to toggle the visibility of collisions). If the problem is about collisions, you can change them in the static mesh editor.

Thanks for the answer but when I turn on the setting to see collisions i’m pretty sure it says that everything is fine in that regard.

Sorry for the late response, but I don’t know what causes that problem. It looks like the camera collides with something and the spring arm component makes the camera closer to its origin.