Whigs & Tories | Large-Scale Multiplayer Game set during the US Revolutionary War

Hi everyone!

We’ve been working on a new game in the line-battle genre, aiming to recreate large scale battles during the US Revolutionary War. We wanted to try and go for a very high player count, so we were really excited about the release of 4.20 with its enhanced networking capabilities.

So far our experience with Unreal Engine has been extremely positive, I think it’s a testament that every animation and the associated animation blueprints were done by me, and I’m a C++ programmer with no previous experience in animation or anything art-related! Once I got started it was actually really easy to pick up, so kudos to Epic for making it so accessible.


  • PC (Steam)
  • Massive online battles during the age of muskets (we’re aiming for 200-400 players in a single server with the 4.20 networking capabilities)
  • Multiple classes, including line infantry, cavalry, artillery and musicians
  • Spatialized voice chat, to assist officers in directing their men
  • A suite of external tools to help you organise events and manage your regiments with calendars and leaderboards
  • Customisable game rules and win conditions (via server-side scripts) to create custom scenarios in case you want to recreate specific battles
  • Social features such as hunting and camp life, so you can enjoy some down time with your friends before or after a battle

We just launched our Kickstarter, and below is our trailer.

If you like it, you can also visit our kickstarter and watch the progress on our forums in the links below:

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: