Whigs and Tories : American Revolution


Hello forums, haven’t really posted here before so I dont know what you kids are into but Radio Silence Entertainment also known as RSE are building a massive Multiplayer American 1st/3rd Person shooter with realistic melee.

We have a web page here - Home - Radio Silence Entertainment

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[video=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARcQgWbLZw4&t=4s]Whigs and Tories : Blog 11 - Melee - YouTube

Not sure


](Whigs & Tories : American Revolution - Gameplay (PRE ALPHA) - YouTube)
Pretty Video

](Day/Night Cycle - Whigs and Tories (speed x5) - YouTube)

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Updated OP, it’s a [GAME] forgot to mention that…

Definitely looking forward to seeing some battle video…:slight_smile:

Ill try to keep this up to date


Keep up to good work

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Another video here

Here’s a video on our melee system, enjoy my nervous voice haha :slight_smile: