Which why I should create my mesh for a unreal skeleton?

Hey all :slight_smile:

I want to make a video scene using some trucks driving on a street.
In the Vehicle Tutorial of Unreal they use a skeleton for animation blueprint.

My questions are:
1.) Which way I should arrange my mesh in the 3d programm (I use Blender)? Should I arrange all objects of the truck (truck itself, tires and the trailer)
in an single object or should I leave them splited?
2.) How do I even create a skeleton for Unreal? I mean I read something about bones in Blender used for animation
but I am not comepletly sure if this is what is meant in the unreal tutorial. A link for a tutorial on youtube you know which is very helpful would be satisfiying.

I know it is a noob question, so shame on me :smiley:

Best Regards,