Which websites/platforms allow a new indie dev to reach gamers?

So I’m a young hobby dev making my first game for fun. I got a playable demo lying around and wanted to share it in the Work in Progress forum. But then I saw that a lot of WIP game threads had almost no comments at all, yet the developer was thanking playtesters for their support. So the playtesters must have found the game on another website. So my question is: can you recommend any good websites/platforms for new indie devs like me which allow you to get people excited for your game and build a small community. If you want to reply with “simply google it” then I’d very much appreciate it if you added a small list of search tags.

I hope you can understand my question and if not, I will try to do my best to explain it!

Websites/platforms I already know of:
-an own website
-a discord server

(This list will get updated frequently…I hope.)


Valve has made a lot of changes so reading up as to requirements is a must but more than a few developers are already staging their games and using the available developer tools to gain a foot hold as well build a following.

Check out, maybe? looks worth checking out! Thank you! :smiley:

Thank you for telling me this, FrankieV! I didn’t know developers used it to gain a following!