Which VR you choose? I would take a StarVR - Star VR

I am interested in
All the hype around other models, but look at the techspec and if the hardware is around 600 bucks i sure want one.
The techspecs are far above every other system.
What do you think?

Dual 5.5" Quad HD Displays
2560x1440 pixels per eye
5K total Panoramic definition

UNIQUE 210° Wide Field of View

Custom Fresnel-based Optics
Crystal-clear image across the entire field of view
210-degree Horizontal FOV
130-degree Vertical FOV


Real-time 6 Degrees of Freedom
360° Submillimeter Optical Tracking
IMU and Optical sensor fusion for a low-latency experience

That would be very cool if they can accomplish it.

I do not think they are aiming for a consumer release at this stage. Not only would the hardware be pretty expensive, but only the very highest end of PCs would be able to handle it.

I’d pay for that though, unless it’s extremely expensive–like more than is reasonable.

Oh, ok. Have you some info about needed hardware?

Yes Sir, me too. ^^

It’s less resolution than a 4K screen, but that’s still pretty intense for a PC. I would say you’d want something at a minimum of a GTX 980 to run that.

Ok, then this makes no sense for me, because i am happy with my i5 2500k geforce 560 ti 8GB ram.
Perhaps i wait one more year till my HD is full and i need a new PC…

I’m just guessing
for VR you’ll want a high framerate so that motion is smooth. At least 60fps, hopefully more. Given what it takes to run 1080p games at that framerate and what graphical quality people would want, it’ll take a pretty beefy system.

Oculus has announced GTX 970 as their minimum required GPU, so you need to get a new card if you want VR at all.

To get the same level of fidelity and performance with the Star you would probably need a GTX 980 Ti. Some of the upcoming VR rendering tricks should be able to reduce that.

Morpheus for 95% sure, PC side I’m only looking to buy one and still leaning Vive. This exclusive situation has me really antsy though. It’s fairly reasonable on console (though ideally Morpheus works on PC, even if it’s just a hack), but I really don’t want to be buying a Rift AND a Vive.

Star VR looks great if they can pull it off within the $500 range. An Nvidia 980Ti and after that Nvidia Pascal will be able to drive the graphics.

Vive and Steam seems like a good fit, probably the frontrunner for PC gaming.

I think Oculus may lag behind Vive and Oculus might be “too closely” tied to Xbox One: Oculus Unveils Consumer Rift Headset With Xbox One Controller – TechCrunch

Still, let’s see what Vive brings to the table.

As for Sony and PS4 and consoles in general, I have to say:

Apologies to all console developers… :slight_smile:

FOV is way more important than the current VR community are really giving credit for, and for that reason alone I’m very excited to see what happens with the StarVR and other two-screen wide-angle HMDs that will come along. The biggest immersion killer for me is not having peripheral vision, and I know it contributes (probably a lot) to motion sickness for people that have that problem. More peripheral vision will not only increase immersion a ton, but also ground you in the experience so that movement isn’t as jarring.

As for the performance requirements, I see that as a bad reason to buy lesser specced hardware, since you can always do a lot of different things to mitigate it:

  • Lower graphics settings

  • Lower game rendering resolution

  • Games with lower density art etc.

The first two for games you’re buying and the latter for games you’re making.

And of course that’s temporary until hardware increases, eye tracking comes online (this will be great, foveated rendering gives big perf. returns on high-res high-FOV HMDs) and other such things.

Would you agree that Sony and Microsoft are very, very keen to implement VR on their consoles? Or do you think Sony and Microsoft are playing it “cool” for now.

I would pick full hd per eye VR, that has price below 300$, low latency, and wireless connection (like nvidia shield experience wifi thingy). But for such device we need like 5-10 years more. Yes it is possible to create one today, but price would be around 1000$, so few more years for it to get cheaper (and popular). There is no point in buying very expensive hardware that is barely supported.

Also i hope that this time VR (and 3d) will be more than just gimmick like last few times.

I did not know, that you need so high performance hardware, but it is logical (now).
Minimum req. 970… lol minimum.