Which VR system should I buy?

Good thread!

My 2 cents: No reason for Rift S with Quest 2 Link (both wired and wireless) development being as good as it is, you’re just getting less of a product for the same money at this point. And with Quest 2 having 120hz support now… difficult to beat :slight_smile:


Quest 2 should be the choice!

Good opinions. One thing I noticed is how G2 has tracking issues when the arms are extended very high or very low when resting. For those who have that device… has it been a issue for you?

I don’t know if it was asked already, but what do you need it for ? Game dev? Enterprise? Gaming?

PC VR, while not dead, is quite obscure. There is no point in getting PC VR wired HMD. Unless you have spare cash to throw around, only planning on playing MS Flight Sim and have an eye of an eagle :stuck_out_tongue: (some people swear that they can’t play in Quest 2 on PC because it’s not as sharp as Rift S or Index or whatever)

I have a Rift S as well as a Quest 2 and the Rift S I still use with PC since it’s more functionally convenient. Right now it’s pretty cheap if you buy it used.
Also, Oculus Quest 2 is a bit limited in features when used with PC with Oculus Link, for example 120hz is not supported for PC yet and you can’t do the hand tracking.

He said he wants to try archviz

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Can you do hand tracking on Rift S at all? I don’t think you can.

Plus, Rift S is obsolete as will be support for it pretty soon. Quest 2 will remain supported for a long time and 120Hz will come it it (when used with PC VR) eventually, I am fairly certain of it.

No, you can’t do hand tracking with the Rift S at all, but it’s the same situation if you’re using the Quest 2 over Oculus Link.

I wouldn’t expect the Rift S to completely lose support, that would be weird and unnecessary. But–to be sure, they aren’t doing any improvements for it like adding hand tracking.
That being said, Oculus’ support for PC has been poor since they released the first Quest.
Likely due to the success of the Quest they just haven’t put hardly anything into improving the PC experience as well, Quest is getting all of the new improvements and features. The only thing they’ve added is Oculus Link and framerate and resolution are more limited than native Oculus Quest apps. I’m not sure whether they will ever get it to work at full capability-120hz full resolution over Oculus Link.

Sounds like a false statement. I have Quest 2 and I see PC VR support only improving with every update. I worked with UE4 via Air Link and it was perfectly fine. Also played HL:A and RR via VD and found it to be almost flawless experience.

Is there anything in particular you are missing with Quest 2 that you had with Rift S ?

To be frank, its an issue with any inside-out HMD. Because the cameras are on the headset itself, if you move the controllers behind the head, up high or low or behind the back, they’ll all have trouble tracking. People have said the G2 is particularly bad, but as a G2 owner, it hasn’t been a problem. I wonder if people dont wipe down the camera lenses before a jam or aren’t in a favorable environment for tracking because, to me, the tracking is perfectly fine.

The lack of support for Oculus on PC has been well known for a while, people have been pretty angry during the past couple of years with how updates and new features come to the Quest and not to PC. Just for example the UI on the Quest has been redesigned twice and on PC it hasn’t been updated to match, it’s the same as it was when the Rift S/Quest 1 released. Things like hand tracking or fitness tracking have not come to PC of course and they have no plans for them even though it can support it just fine. It’s been a joke any time there’s an Oculus update with nothing new for PC but a list of new features for Quest.

I see this thread is tumbling down into one of those abyss where diehard PC VR fans don’t understand why this is happening and why certain things will not come to PC VR because they don’t fit the ecosystem (like, doing VR fitness with PC VR, really?!). I am outta here…

Quest 1 and 2 can still use the PC-powered option, and PC-powered VR isnt going anywhere; Vive Pro 2, Decagear, G2 Omnicept, Valve Index, PIMAX 8k, all PC-powered HMDs. Darthviper107 is just lamenting Oculus’ lack of attention paid to the PC-powered Oculus environment, and he’s right. Oculus has discontinued the Rift S and is just running out stock until theyre all gone. Its pretty clear that Oculus (or facebook reality labs, lets be real) is going to focus exclusively on their Quest 2 HMD in the future.

Development for product concepts and Architecture Designs for current or future homes. Almost zero gaming honestly but I wouldn’t mind trying one for the kicks. Normally we show customers 3d concepts through the monitor or small video clips sent online. Would be nice to integrate VR just for the perks of being modernized. It’s why I ask what’s easiest for developers to work with and has the best support.

120hz PC VR is supported with Air Link since v29.

One aspect that I’m missing from this thread is wireless streaming.
Being able to just plug and play with the Quest (and now Vive Focus 3) without any prior setup is huge for business applications (and gaming).
Depending on the use case I’d never want to go back to a tethered connection as no matter what you do it’ll limit your freedom in movement a lot.
With a decent laptop you can easily bring a Quest 2 to your customer and pull off great visuals no matter where you are.
In my opinion there’s no reason one would want to buy and setup lighthouses for a stationary VR experience unless it’s for a stationary simulation application (e.g. racing, flight simulator etc.).


I think Quest 2 is your choice. I don’t see you getting customers exciting getting tangled in wires and awkward setup. Quest 2 can be set to demo mode and all they do just put it on and they are in. Plus hand tracking instead of controllers.

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Very GOOD point on the wireless. That’s something I haven’t researched on these devices. I assume the Quest2 and Vive are the only 2 that do this?

Yeah… that’s looking more like the obvious choice. Might be a good time to buy as well since the recall stopped the sell and the upcoming updated one will have double the space for the same $$$.

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Quest 2 does wireless PCVR (what facebook calls ‘airlink’) out of the box, but the Vive wireless adaptor is hundreds of dollars, and even the Pro 2 HMD doesnt have wireless capability built-in. Im still so blown away at how much of an obvious scam that headset is lol

The new Vive Focus 3 is also a standalone/wireless HMD.