Which Visual Studio or any other IDEs are required?


What versions of VS or any other IDE is supported/required for developing and debugging with UE4?

Supposedly, Visual Studio Express 2013 is the tool for the job. That’s what the documentation says anyway.

Edit : and I can’t believe that the three-letter word for “work” is censored.

test: job j\o\b

Anyways, I’ve used VS2013 professional successfully so far, but the express edition should work just fine. If you’re in school, you can get the pro version through dreamspark.

So was spawn (incase it was censored s-p-a-w-n).

I’m not sure how this version is, but in the beta, VS2012 was installed purely for the libraries and debugging.
Otherwise I used Notepad++ and batch files.

Not sure what’s going on with the forums and censored words, looks like it might be fixed. 2012 Express works, currently I’m using 2012Pro.

I am using 2013 Express and I am getting the error saying that the project is not compatible with my version of visual studio. I am using the installed version of UE4 and used the editor to create the project but it shows as incompatible. I hope its just a bug in the installed version. I am working on getting the GitHub version and seeing if that changes my luck to use 2013 express.

Unrelated to the thread, but thanks for letting us know about the job bug. Apologies for that. It is now resolved. :slight_smile:

Apparently they have 2 versions of Express for Windows. I downloaded and installed the one for Windows which was for Windows 8. I am now downloading the one for Windows Desktop and hopefully that should fix things for me. Just a heads up for people that run into the same issue as me. I should have known MS would have a separate version for Windows 8.

So, is VS2013 supported or not?

VS2013 is supported, VS2012 is maybe supported.

VS2012 (Express or not) was the version we used during the beta. So I believe we can still use it. I didn’t had the chance to try it myself (yet).

According to documentation, VS2012 works but requires additionnal dependencies now. VS2013 is the suggested version, which is better anyway regarding performance and compile time.

Trying to download VC2013 express now…not sure which one to go with. Should I go with the ‘windows’ version or ‘windows desktop’ version?

Windows Desktop. The other one is dedicated to the ModernUI environment. Very bad communication from Microsoft on this…

Thank you!

I know right? I almost fell for it.

Will surely try to make it work on QtCreator…

I am using sublimetext3 for the majority of my development, jumping into MSVS for debugging when needed.

is possible to use code::blocks?

You can use it as a text editor for sure, that part doesn’t particularly matter. You can even use Notepad if you so choose, and compile it from the command line. The only parts that are up in the air are debugging and using the internal build process. You will have to try it to find out. Please report back in when you have the results though.