Which Visual Studio edition?

Is 2013 still recomended or are 2015 and 2017 suitable now?

You should use 2017


I have read that 2013 is the best version, why do you say 2017, won’t it be buggy?

Will tweaks have to be made to unreal config files to work with 2017, I don’t want to insta;; whole VS only to find it’s not working.

Why would 2013 be the best version? I haven’t used it in ages; VS 2015 has worked very well for the last couple of years, and I haven’t felt the need to use 2013 except maybe for a few special cases. 2017 looks to improve on a lot of things, including startup speed and from what I hear its Intellisense is also a lot more usable with large C++ codebases (read: Unreal Engine). It’s new sure, so it’s bound to have a few bugs left in it, but it’s also been in public beta for quite a while so it’s well-tested by now. It’s time to move on.

2017’s installation is also a lot quicker than it used to be, and it can be installed side-by-side with older versions of Visual Studio, so there’s no reason not to at least try it.

The docs still recommend 2013


I’ll give 2017 a go, and try to report back

I think I’ve seen it on another page too, but don’t have the tab open anymore

It might depend on the version of unreal engine that you’re using. I seem to remember having some compiling issues using VS 2015 on 4.11 so VS 2013 might be more suitable for versions below that.

That documentation seems a bit outdated to me. You don’t need CodeWorks to get Android working in Unreal Engine either. I usually install the Android SDK and NDK through the Xamarin installer included in the Visual Studio setup since version 2015, and that works fine with UE4. I’ve also done mobile development work with Xamarin in the past years, so installing the Android SDK through this method is killing two birds with one stone for me. And Visual Studio 2017 even includes an option to install Unreal Engine right off the bat, which makes the whole process of setting up a development machine even easier.

I’ve compiled Unreal Engine 4.12 and up with VS2015 without issues. Haven’t tried VS2017 for that yet.

The current build scripts seem to support 2015 and 2017. I use 2015; it works fine. At some point, I will upgrade to 2017, but I’ll let the curious people step on the first-version land mines and wait until the service pack is out :slight_smile:

Just installed MSVC 2017 community edition, re-ran the nvpack/codeworks/android installer

not so familar with windows… will try rebooting it and doing a little dance to see if that fixes it

Still the same message - I suspect that though UE4 spports msvc 2017, NVPACK does not? I’ll pick “Ignore Warnings & Continue” for now…

I’m on a slow connection here - will be a while before this is all installed and I can update again - though, with the warnings I don’t expect things to work correctly

Can confirm - supported visual studio version by nvidia codeworks (1R5) are 2010|2012|2013|2015

MSVC 2017 NOT supported!

MS makes it hard to find a download link for 2015, most places just redirect to 2017 - here is a link which seems valid for now:

I’m leaving 2017 installed, and giving the exe from that link a go.

Worth noting, latest codeworks from nvidia is more recent - 1R6 - which may support msvc 2017, but as UE4 recommends 1R5, I’m not going to try - I’ll leave that to someone with a faster broadband.

Expect another crotchety post from me soon :smiley:
Or a happy one, if things work out this time.

I am using 2015 and I really don’t want to upgrade again… it’s a pain to install this thing; too many extensions to upgrade.

Compiled for android happily :slight_smile:

So, to be clear, msvc 2015 appears supported - the docs I linked above seem outdated.

msvc 2017 may be supported by UE4(I saw mention of it in the UE4 directory), but is not supported by the bundled android tools - perhaps with more recent versions of codeworks, perhaps not.

Just use VC2015. Use the already stable too will save your time when the advantages of upgrade is not very clear.

The issue is with codeworks release published, the software incredibuild is causing the issue you can do a workaround using an unsupported approach I think as I’m not an employee of Epic Games and just download the latest release of the software from there

You can use Visual Studio 2017. I found a solution on Nvidia’s forums.

Download and install Nsight Tegra v3.5, Visual Studio Edition on its own. You can find it here Download Center | NVIDIA Developer