Which version should I buy: or PC ? (MGSV)


Im not sure how to decide the following:
Shall I buy Metal Gear Solid 5 for the PC, or PS3?

At the moment I dont feel like buzing a PS4, so its either the PS3, or the PC version.
Im just wondering which would be better to play. Usually I prefer keyboard+mouse for shooters, so that would be a reson for PC.
However, if controls are very intricut, the console controller offers better handling (try playing TonyHawk with keyboard :slight_smile: )

What are your expieriences in terms of controls with MGSV. Is it “awkward” to play on either system?

Finally, the grpahics: I know the is bit dated, but still making a good figure… I saw some gameplay footage based on PS4, so I cant really compare it.
It the PC version looing (much) “worse” ?

Questions and questions…

Which version would you buy and why? :slight_smile:

I would completely go with the pc version i have xbox one ps4 xbox 360 and a pc and any time i get a game its usually for the pc its truly the master race forever.

If you want to play it with a controller, just plug a controller into your PC :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I could, but keymapping is usually a pain in the rectal passage :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d get it on PC if I were you, that way you can have true HD, and whatever FPS your system can handle. In all honesty I got it for Xbox One the day it came out, and after about 30 minutes of incredibly bland gameplay, I turned it off, and have never played it since.

100% complete MGSV on PC using a 360 controller. Didn’t have to worry about mapping of any kind. Zero issues. Even at 4k 60fps. Was dooooooooooooope.

What do you mean by keymapping?
PS4, Xbox360 and XboxOne controllers does not require any keymapping. I mean you’re using UE4 - you see how buttons from these gamepads are treated in modern engines :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, I’ve finished MGSV with 360 controller too and had no problems at all

I have a game controlller from this dubious company called “LogiTech”. :smiley:
It was quite a hazzle to set it up for ePSXe, pcsx2, dolphin, etc…
And for some PSX games, the rumble would not function as intended…

Well yeah, because those are emulators written by hobbyists, and that controller probably doesn’t support XInput.

For PC games, XInput support has been standard for years, and most games will plug and play with a normal wired 360 controller exactly like they would on the console, and will have the same various options in the menus to tweak your control setup.

I have dug a bit deeper into reviews, carefull to avoid too much spoilers, but it seems Ill go for the PC version. The compromises in the graphics for the ar too severe.
I saw a screenshot of a pixelated horse butt, thats not even worthy… :rolleyes:
Now I have to register with Steam…What an act… The last PC game I bought was Doom3. Things were so simple back then. :slight_smile:

Depends on what your trin to do. basic gamin still depend. For myself. PC since I am able to make games,mod and countless other things that the cant

If you are really serious about gaming, you should always get the PC version. If you’re just a casual gaming who wants to hang out by your TV, then sure, is alright.

+1 for that
But as you are a game dev I would recommend you to buy the PC version, as you already spend time in front of the PC + you are used to the controls (I hate playing games with a controller… :p)

Hehe, I recently overcame my sickness of “console peasantry” when I got serious about PC hardware, and I love that the games look so much better on PC, but hate the controls :stuck_out_tongue: On a controller, I don’t need to move my hands around, on the PC, I have to press like 5 buttons until I get the right one(Especially for numbers, Keyboard doesn’t have key inscriptions :(, nor can I afford to look down at my keyboard ) and move my hands everywhere. I also feel like the gaming community it a little bit better on console, which is why I pre-ordered Black Ops 3 for Xbone, and not PC.

You should definitely go for the pc version and buy a controller if you need one. If you want to sit on your couch you need to buy a steam box. It’s great to have the possiblity to play pc on tv or projector.

Hi all,

Thanks for your input and suggestions :slight_smile:

I went for the PC version :smiley:
The graphics are just awesome. The thing that struck me most is the lighting, the lighting and the lighting.
All the effects are just awesome. And this incredible level of detail… :cool: (heat turbulence from tank exhaust pipes, etc…)
Im constantly thinking “How would I make that effect in UE4”… :stuck_out_tongue:
(Maybe Ill remake one of the guard posts or a deck of motherbase and see how good it can get…)

So far, Im about 50 hours onto the game.
The keyboard controls are a bit cumbersome indeed. You need a keyboard-mouse-move combo to select a different weapon, but that is ok. Since Im so much better at mouse aiming than with a stick, its a fair tradeoff. Also the iDroid menu control is a bit designed-for-controller. Fotunately one can remap some of the keys…


What gets me are all the buttons on a console controler, My fingers are to clumsy for that, lol
but i always recommend a pc over any console.
Besides you can’t very well update a console but a pc you can.
which I am doing, waiting for parts :confused:

I’ll fanboy and join the PC wagon too :slight_smile: Go with PC and never look back!

depends how nice of a PC you are getting.

I would rather spend $500 on a Barebones kit from Tigerdirect for a PC, rather than $500 on a PS3.

You’re computer can do SO MUCH more than a PS3, and with $500+ in the comptuer you will get something you will love to death, yes, even more than the PS3.

I have a and I’m saving up for a new computer, I would rather play COD4 on PC any day, but I have it for so it doesn’t bother me

why is keymapping a problem?
you just set it once and forget about it. that certainly is easier than building a game in UE4, isn’t it?