Which upgrade do i need to run ue4 smooth? (full spec inside)

Hey, new to ue4 and really liking it. It runs ok but sometimes it stutters like mad when I’m moving around the viewport and I just have to quit and start again. My comp also sounds like its working really hard. Pretty sure it’s my cpu but any help would be great.

I have desktop pc running win7 64bit.

cpu - Intel Core i3 4130 Dual Core 3.4GHz
mb - asus h81m-k
16gb ram
gpu - radeon r9 290
psu - Seasonic M12-II EVO 520W
1tb - standard hard drive

Might seem like a random build but I have been upgrading slowly over time and I got the gpu for free. My budget is flexible depending on how much it would change the experience.


I would say you would need a new CPU over everything else. (Which would probably require a new PSU… Maybe not. But be prepared for it.)

The RAM, GPU are good to go though!

Something to point out is that no matter how good your machine is it is always possible to bog it down if you don’t pay attention to how many meshes, textures, shaders, lights and the like you are asking your machine to deal with in the viewport at any given time. Does your machine bog down on the example content from Epic at all?

i3 CPU can bottleneck the performance of newer hardware while anything i5 and beyond should set you in the safe zone. 520W should be enough, but consider that r9 290 radeon is a 300W card and the upgrade of the CPU could add an extra +20W. I reccommend you use a power supply calculator if you are not sure if you need a new PSU since it isn’t possible to monitor the power usage so easily. Your video card should be able to handle UE4 without problems and I suspect it’s the CPU that you require the most.