Which unreal engine 4 version does ark dev kit use?

i know it uses UE4 but which version because i noticed the latest version of UE4 is 4.9.1 which version does Ark dev kit use is it 4.8 or lower?

Hi b7radley,

ARK uses a custom 4.5 unreal engine build :slight_smile:

Hi Distov, will this get update every now and then? or would that also require game updates to support the newer versions?

They’ll update the engine with new features they need.

Basically they can have their own engine by choosing features that are in newer version of unreal engine. they won’t update to a specific version of the engine.

Of course updating the engine would mean updating the game since the two are bound together.

Upgrade to 4.9 before of new snow biome please. the 4.9 have better snow collision (and better features for shoots impact of weapons)

Hi ,

They won’t be updating the engine version at all - it will always be 4.5.1. What was referring to is that the devs are able to pick and choose some of the features of newer engines, and add them in. It has to be able to be added to a lower engine version, and it has to work with the current system. So unfortunately, there are many features that will never be added.