Which template or demo did he used?

How would someone help if you didn’t even say what video you’re watching, what you did and what troubles you’re getting?

That is custom project. Blueprint is simple one based on character class with some basic input. Make it yourself.

I believe quickshots are for those who are familiar with UE4 at least a bit, maybe it’s better to check “easier” tutorials first? :slight_smile:

hey, I am watching the offical Youtube video , and I am following it and do as what he did.
Maybe the quickshot is too Quick,so i don’t know which template or offical demo he used,so even I try to do the same as him ,but something is originally just different, and i get troubles.

So anybody helps?

hey, i already said i am watching the
URL:- YouTube

in 1:37, he opened a Blueprint named
due to different template, i can’t find the same name blueprint in my project.

so what’s the sequence for a beginner to learn Blueprints?