Which software is good for clothing design?

So for our game project, one of the factions uses a lot of cloth in their attire (cloaks, head scarfs, baggy trousers, etc) and we’ve been looking at different software to model it. We don’t have enough for Syflex, so I’ve listed a few programs/plugins below, asking if other members of the community have made use of them with Unreal Engine 4 and which ones are best suited:

  • ZBrush
  • Marvelous Designer
  • Qualoth (Maya)
  • Shroud

Marvelous Designer, many artists are using it these days for their characters.

I’d go (and use) the Maya and zBrush route. Model the low-poly mesh in Maya, then take it into zBrush for the detailing. I believe this is a typical workflow for a large amount of artists as of the moment. Though some will replace Maya with 3ds Max or another, alternative application.

+1. But keep on mind you will nee beefy PC to work with it.

nice questión i need begin later the cloth design, my game is still a small world of nudist people

Marvelous Designer ? Why not Ncloth??

Marvelous Designer is for actually designing clothing, it’s not just a cloth simulator, you can make a clothing pattern exactly as it would be in the real world and put the pieces all together, it’s also quite good at simulation. And there’s lots of cool stuff it can do, like being able to edit the clothing pattern while it’s on the character to instantly see how your changes affect the clothing, and stuff like specifying what layers are on top of what.

Cool :stuck_out_tongue: So many programs…SO MUCH MONEY…lol…

Don’t get too preoccupied with different programs, try to limit things as much as possible, otherwise you waste time trying to learn too many things.

+1 for marvelous, Very powerful peice of software. Easily the quickest way to iterate on clothing for characters and you can easily move outfits from one character to another. The simulation quality is actually very good and produces much more believable and realistic results than sculpting by hand will. The more you use it and build a pattern library the quicker it becomes to outfit a character.

Also 3d-coat, it has a cloth simulator built into it as well, Basically you model the clothes using the retop room, then simulate and sculpt the cloth. Not as good as marvelous designer but better than Zbrush.

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