which side of the box

I would like to make something like model of which side of the box it hits the ground

i create a box with component to a ball, i want to Blueprints to recognize with side of the box it hit the ground or other box
something like this

Something similar have been discussed recently : Reading the face of Dice? - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums You’ll find there different possibilities.

i hope so if it recognize one box it wont colide with the other if i set a couple of boxes

Personaly, i would follow jacky’s idea for that and check velocity of both dices = 0 and then check z socket or z box position like pattym / Xces suggested.

im still learning, what is sockets? and what difference is from components ?

At first sockets were in skeletal meshes, points where you can attach other actors (weapons, clothes) : SkeletalMeshSockets | Unreal Engine Documentation But you can add sockets to static meshes too now (open mesh editor : window / socket manager : create socket.) and retrieve its relative positon to the actor.

A component is an element that you add to a blueprint actor : Your “dice mesh” is a component of your actor “blueprint dice” like the boxes you can add on each face. But an actor is not only a blueprint.
Your static mesh set alone in your level and used via your level blueprint is an actor too ^^ : Common Actor Types | Unreal Engine Documentation

thx, that a lot of help