Which Rendering Software do I use for Making a Trailer?

I would like to put together a trailer for my game. Just a short 2 to 3 minute animation and narrative showing off what the game will be like and what it is about. I’m not sure how I should render the trailer though. Is it better to use a renderer like Mental Ray for a more realistic look, or should I use Unreal’s Sequencer for the trailer? For the purpose of a trailer (sort of like a sneak peek) which do you think is better? I’m not too concerned about the differences in workflow. I know that working in Unreal will certainly be easier because it is in real time, and you can see what the environment looks like as you are building it. Where with Mental Ray, you have to test render by render, so it is more time consuming. Not to mention the time it takes to do the actual final rendering and compositing. You can however take advantage of Ray Tracing, which makes for some nice visuals in Mental Ray. What do you guys think?

Sequencer. It’s a trailer for your game, so use game assets in the game renderer.

Mental Ray is slow and complicated in its settings. If you aren’t looking to buy a different renderer like Vray (and there’s other ones that can use GPU acceleration like Octane or Redshift) then I wouldn’t use Mental Ray since it’s such a pain. UE4 can be slow to set things up if you’re just doing an animation, since you have to unwrap your lightmap UV’s and bake lighting. But if it’s a game then you’re already doing that type of thing

Mental Ray? no no

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Mar 24 2017