Which Processor Is Better For UE4

hi there! tomorrow i’ll be buying a new pc and i’m not sure yet if the processor i’m buying will affect that much on the ue4 frames , these are the 4 processors that i’m checking :

i5 4440
i7 4790k
I7 4790
Fx 8370

i’m building a pc with a gtx970 4gb & 16gb ram. thanx!

any toughts?

I have a i7 4790K, and it’s really great for UE4.
I guess a Xeon would be even better, but you don’t need a monster processor even if you’re building a complex light system. This will just take longer to finish.
what I can tell you is that i7 is better for multithreading (a Xeon is usually even better), and as a game creator you use multithreading (for building lights and 3D for example).
But that won’t affect your framerate really much.