Which perspective is best for a swimming game?

Hi ya.

Im pretty new to UE4, so be gentle lol.

I want to develop a first person underwater exploration game (so there will be cramped tunnels/caves to explore, hence preferring first person) so it will be purely swimming. Should i create the game using a first person character, or third person but zoom the camera in so its like first person?

Ive created a quick mock up of a zoomed in third person character with some swimming animations i got from mixamo. It seems to work (obvisouly need some fine tuning) but not sure if thats the best way to do it before getting to invested.

So what does everytone think? Stick with a zoomed in third person, or go with a true first person character? Or is there a third option i havent considered?

How about both, with the ability to switch between them? Make a remote submersible that follows the player, and that’d be the 3rd person view, and the 1st person view is a switch-to option by a button press. Or set it in Options as a selectable “View”, kinda like a camera mod setting for times when the player has difficulty seeing from one perspective / mode. 3rd person solely would probably involve more camera work and solving issues with geometry than 1st person or 3rd person zoomed in. But it could be fun and useful too (thinking the old God of War games, Tomb Raider, Tenchu, etc).

i’ve been playing tomb raider lately, and i like the 180+d view of 3rd person, rather than the 90d view of 1st…