Which one should i choose?

Hello everyone,

I design ,and code ,but I am beginner in using a game engine.I realized that there are two options .One of them C++ , other one is blueprint.I know to code with C++ ; in contrast to that, I have no idea what blueprint is.Which one is more appropriate to use and why?

If you know how to code in C++ I recommend you do that.
Blueprints is a node-based visual scripting language the Epic engineers made to make scripting easier. It’s easy to use, compiles fast and works great for testing out new ideas on the fly. But its performance is worse than pure C++ code and your options are more limited in what you can achieve.

like MPalacios was saying, blueprints is great for testing out new ideas, u might want to build your whole game in blue prints for the sake fast building, and “then” move the heavy math areas over to c++.

I believe that’s how its intended to be used, blueprints will be ok for non math stuffs I believe? newbie here, but from what I understand fornite is 80% built in blue prints and only 20% in c++, the 20% that is in c++ are the math heavy areas.

but that’s a good 80% in blue prints( in a “live” shipped game), that makes them something like a billion a year, so ya blueprints is worth looking into.

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Where did you get that from? I’d be really surprised if it were true… I’m a real rooky in both UE4 and c++, but even at my stage I can see the superiority of c++ in almost every aspect, be it processing speed, clarity of logic, portability (with c++ you can literally copy/paste, not only a class, but a whole system project to project with very little hassle, try doing so with BP)…
Blueprints are superior for faster iteration and accessibility for designers. That would lead me, if I had to guess that Fortnite would be more 80% c++ and 20% BP :slight_smile:

the part about it being 80% blue print and 20% c++ is direct from one of the devs working on fortnite, I am sorry but I didn’t record the article is came from, this is from my memory.

but I have no reason to make these numbers up( I didn’t take a wild guess!!!), I am sure if you run into a dev in 1 of their streams, they will confirm the 80/20 ratio for you.

80% BP and 20% c++ sounds reasonable. All the visual and sound content is probably setup in Blueprint. Even though Blueprint is like 10 times slower than C++ it is only about 5% of the code that require special attention while the remaining functions are called so infrequent that moving it to c++ wouldn’t even show up on a performance graph. When games that use a lot of Blueprint are having performance issues it is mostly because of poorly setup Blueprints.

It’s not necessarily a binary “choice”. You can and probably should use both in tandem. E.G. use C++ to create templates, then use blueprints to create variations of said template.

I can have 1 tidy weapon class, but 20 weapons in blueprint using that class, changing stats and meshes on the fly with a quick interface.

also I learned something about performance :

there 2 primary code areas you are working with I “think”, newbie here :

begin play = happens once, but a lot of code goes here. you can put most of your blue prints here if you want without taking any performance hits ( because its only run 1 time, at the start! )

tick functions = happen every frame, very performance demanding, this part should be done in c++ (once ur getting finished up, after all the testing is done, you can do this part in blue prints while your still ironing out the gameplay/balance).