Which of these Google permissions should/can I remove?


I am shortly hoping to release my first android project. It’s a small test game that has Achievements and allows the user to remove Ads by paying a small fee.

I received an email from Google saying that they are ending Google+ (i.e. GooglePLUS) support.
I was unaware I was using anything to do with Google+!

Can I remove a lot of the permissions shown in the main image below? Will my users still be able to login? I don’t know the knock-ons of doing this…

Obviously some of them actually mention “plus” in the name, but I also noticed that hovering over “OpenID” shows that it uses “plus” - and there’s no dustbin icon next to the third element in the list, so I have no idea if that one can even be removed! It’s all a bit confusing! Can anyone clear this up a bit for me?


“Developers should migrate from the Google+ Sign-In feature to the more comprehensive Google Sign-in authentication system”
Does anyone know what the situation with regard to this is either?
Is it supported by Blueprints? Thanks.

I finally found info here telling me I should try and updater my project to use the latest build as a fix has been put into 4.21.2----------
I shall mark this as Answered but come back to it later if everything goes to hell :slight_smile:

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