Which NEW ASSETS would you like best?

Hey guys,

we want to make a bunch (about 100) of new UE4-READY-TO-GO (3d) assets for the unreal asset store. Tell us which assets you would like to see ! (link below)


The more people vote, the more we can make the best possible assets for you guys! Share the link to support the assets you like!

(or tell us about other assets in the comments)

Best Regards!

Ok, voted :slight_smile:


I was hoping to see some expanded options such as themes, ah well.

voted, and shared :slight_smile:

We need some more animations on the market store, be it TPS or FPS arms with animations. I cant find any FPS arm animations for melee/sword swings.

Edit: Voted. Also if anyone knows somewhere for the above, throw me a pm.


I would love to see some World War 2 themed assets haha

I love the guy selecting everything, he missed the fact that selecting all equals to selecting none :smiley:

Voted … 8-}

Voted too…