Which markers should I use in a forest?



In a forest, RC has troubles. 

I think it’s hard to find good features because all the trees look so similar.

I was thinking about placing little markers.

Which markers would be good? White papers with black shapes on them?

Thank you!


We are not able to recommend which markers to use since with are not familiar with the territory you want to scan/take pictures of, but it is always a good option to go with a good visibility, nothing too complex.

Just make sure that you don’t change them, that their size is sufficient, and that the angle under which they are seen is closer to 90 degrees than to 45 degrees. What all of this means is:

  • After exporting markers out of RealityCapture, do not edit them in a way which may disrupt their design. Keep them black on a white background, and don’t add any outlines.
  • Markers should be at least 100 pixels wide in images.
  • It would be the best if the camera’s line of sight is perpendicular to the marker (90 degrees), since lower angles create more distortion on markers and may be harder to detect.

Thank you, but I don’t understand it fully.

  1. Could you perhaps provide a drawing to explain the angle? Also, I don’t understand if you mean vertical or horizontal angle (do you mean the angle of the camera above / below the marker, or do you mean the angle of the camera right or left to the marker?).

  2. What do you mean by “exporting markers out of RC”?

I will place the markers in the forest. So I don’t understand what you mean by “exporting markers”.


Thank you!


This is what I meant:


It is possible to generate markers in RealityCapture. You can generate them and export them in the Detect Markers panel.