Which license should I choose

Hello everyone.
I’m very new to programming and want to teach myself how to use Blender and Unreal Engine.
When I came to the download, it asked me to choose either the Publisher or the Creator License, and I’m not sure which one I should choose.
One day I would like to create a videogame and also a 3D animated movie, but this day is far away, since I dont even know the basics yet. Plus, I will most likely not monetise it, because I would give it to my friends first to try/watch. Still I think that the Creator License is the right choice for me since (considered I understood it correctly) it has the ability to launch interactive .exe-file, just like any game I would play? And for the movie, can I still save it as a non-executable file with the Creator License, or will everything be saved as an .exe?
If I choose the Publisher License it would only produce a sort of “video-file” (sorry if that’s not the right word, like I said I’m very new to this), that can be clicked on and played, but not be interacted with, right?
Also, if I choose the Creators License, how will Epic know if I monetize my work or not? I dont really want to pay anything in advance, because I’m yet unsure whether or not I will truly pursue this new chosen hobby of mine…
I would truly appreciate if someone could help me to understand the difference, because I dont want to make the wrong choice right at the beginning.

no matter which license you choose the engine remains the same

just use the publishing license if at some point you want to make money.

you will only need to pay fees when your earnings exceed $ 1 million. and you only pay 5% on everything above this threshold. so if you earn $ 1,000,050 you need to pay 5% on $50 => $2.50