Which license I have to choose as a student?

Not sure if I understood you. Unreal Engine 4 is free, you can even publish games, make profit, and worry about paying royalties only once you’ve mode more than $3000 quarterly.

You may want to obtain a Custom License if you’re an established studio and confident about making big bucks. You can then pay an upfront license fee that lowers the royalty rate.

Hello, I am new here…

I want to get a free license for learning, so I signed up to get a copy but the problem I have to choose which license ( game developer or Enterprice ) .
The problem I can’t see which one is free for students, beside I am a web developer who trying open his way in shops, but I dreamed to be a game developer too. So I started learning using engines and I started with Unity and now it is time to learn the unreal engine.

“Which license I have to choose in this case?”, and of course I won’t use it to get any profit; even if I want upload a mobile game, it will for test my abilities and free.

Thank you so much for your help.

If I want to use Unreal engine to learn not for make profit, which license (Games developers) or (Enterprice)? the doc doesn’t show this.

I am still looking at “Enterprice”, but as I know the enterprice edition in most of products are for business, am I wrong or I am just confused in names ?

The only distinction there seems to be is whether you’re making a video game or not:

From the docs:

What does “Unreal Engine for enterprise” mean?

When we talk about “enterprise,” we are simply differentiating between those who use Unreal Engine for games and interactive entertainment applications, and those who use (or are looking to use) Unreal Engine for things like automotive visualization, architectural visualization, data presentations, linear entertainment, or any one of a thousand other uses that don’t fit into the wider category of games. Regardless of the industry you’re in, there is only one version of Unreal Engine.

If still in doubt, you may want to wait for one of the Epic’s staff members to chip in on this topic.

That sort of clues as to which category is expected to make very much money these days, doesn’t it?