Which laptop will be better for game development in Unreal?

Good evening, I want to buy a laptop and I have 2 finalists , which of these laptops (my work does not allow me to have a desktop) is better for Game development in Unreal?

NOTE: RAM upgrade in Dell model is pretty unlikely but let’s consider it .

It’s mostly for Unreal, and it’s derivates such as 3D modelling in 3ds Max, Zbrush, little video editing, audio editing, texturizing and photo editing (photoshop, substances painter, surf the internet, rendering , etc

A model Lenovo Y720 with an i7 7th (7700hq) 4 cores with 16 gb of RAM, 1060 gtx with 6gb of video, 128 bb of SSD, and 1tb HDD

Or a model DELL G3
I7 8th (i7-8750h) 6 cores with 8gb of RAM (maybe in a mid future 16) , 1050ti with 4gb of video and 1tb HDD, 128 gb SSD

Greetings to all

These are the exact models (only that Lenovo should have 16gb RAM instead of 8 )…84_1790&ex=USD

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No fan of Lenovo especially after the superfish-scandal, but it looks like the winner.
The DELL is too lightweight on Ram. 8GB is just not enough (read similar threads)…
The 1050TI appears faster… Even though its got less onboard / dedicated memory.
But if I compare with my own Rigs, both options appear to be pretty close/on a par:…ce-GTX-1050-Ti…Force-GTX-1060…ce-GTX-1050-Ti

To be honest there’s no real future proofing in either option imho. What’s the cost?

Overall I’d push for a 1070-class rig +16Gig Ram. SSD / HDD while not great is ok.

Well about RAM you are right

about graphics the 1060 is incredibly better than 1050ti

and about processors

what would you recommend?

Interesting! Right is relative I guess, as those 2 different benchmarking sites seem to show… :
There are challenges of working with 8GB and Unreal anyway, so I’d drop the Dell+1050 Ti.

Yeah that’s quite a stark difference. No time to investigate but maybe someone else will post and offer insight. Usually those two sites are in sync regarding the relative strengths / weaknesses, but not here???.. As regards the 1060 I would say it was fine a year ago. Lots of devs are using the 1060 and are happy. But its almost 2019 now, so I’m not sure it cuts it anymore (looking to buy a rig next year myself).

But hey, you’re not going to get everything spot on anyway because a laptop is a compromise. Personally I’d be willing sacrifice a few points on the CPU versus Ram / GPU / Disk space… That’s because I know from my own rigs (circa 2012) that those other areas are where the choke-points really are… With one exception maybe which is Lightmass. I can’t talk much about it as I only use dynamic. But its an area where the CPU plays a big part iirc along with Ram.:slight_smile:

That’s right, and what If I upgraded Dell 1050 ti RAM to 16gb do you think Lenovo 1060 would still be more valuable?

Actually i Know this is not the best rig for Unreal ,but I plan to make a game or many games with it so I can gain some money to buy a better laptop to continue developing.

About lightmass I’ve seen a GPU lightmass from Luoshang, that would be an option if I decided to stick with the 1060 and 4 core processor intead of 1050ti and 6 core processor. What do you think?

In your shoes I’d be reading lots of reviews and trying to understand the difference between the benchmarks above… But yes definitely 16GB for UE4, don’t try and go without it… You just can’t get around lack of RAM. UE4 may crash frequently or swap to disk constantly, making the Editor unresponsive or just stop responding.

Whereas if the CPU is slow, you wait. If the GPU is underpowered, scenes will lag, but you can still get work done… I can’t really offer advice on lightmass. You should search the forums for Lightmass and CPU usage (iirc all cores may not even be used etc)…

I’ve searched about lightmass, it’s all about CPU and RAM, but what do you think is more worh it?