Which laptop to buy for VR demos + question about SLI

Hi all,

I need to buy a laptop to make VR demo to my customers, and I am wondering which one I have to buy.
I still hesitate between these 5 models:

  • Acer Predator 17X
  • Dell alienware 17 R4
  • Aorus X7 DT v7
  • Aorus X9 v7 avec GTX1070 en SLI
  • MSI GT83VR 7RE-231FR Titan SLI (2x GTX1070).

I also want to know if UE4 project take advantage of the SLI system for VR.
Thank you for you help!

It depends on your situation, for example I got the Razer Blade because it has enough USB3.0 ports to be able to use the Oculus headset which means you can do a VR demo without having to plug in power anywhere.
As far as SLI is concerned, UE4 doesn’t support that for VR, it’s something you have to implement using Nvidia VRWorks API

ah ok thank you, so I think I have to choose a laptop without SLI and with a GTX 1080