Which laptop should I buy to run UE5

Hi my name is Rajdeep Singh

I was trying to use unreal engine 5 but my Dell Inspiron 3593 was not able to run so I thinking of buying a new one so which one of the following should I buy and are they more than enough to run unreal engine 5.

First laptop :

Second laptop :

Buy one that has at least 3070 (and non mobile version).

Now here is the only one MSI puts of with a RTX3070, would he really afford something like that, at that price he can really build a Desktop or purchase with RTX3080Ti

But i found one

So there you go

I got the G15 rn, it’s amazing. You can run it with a 3060 fine

Thanks for you reply but I think both of them are out of my budget.

Ok thanks you so much for helping me out with my question . I am thinking to buy the same laptop.

What about these Gaming Laptops, better than nothing

So there you go, not so much of a Hobnobs pc,