Which is the lightest to use version of Unreal?

I am on a MacBook Pro 2019 and obviously that system is not very strong. When I upgraded from 4.25 and to 4.26, it was as if the engine had become more resource heavy.
In your experience, which version is the lightest to use?

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AFAIK 4.26 / 4.27 had some performance degradation (there is a thread about it), 4.25 should be alright.

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Thank you! 4.27 is so new, I’ll stick to 4.25 then.

.22 or .23 if not older even.

None of them are light… nor free of bugs…

Maybe look up the nvidia git. Go with what they offer instead…

What exactly is the Nvidia git?

Just use 4.23. It’s the best version IMO if you’re worried about performance. How much ram do you have though? I’m running on a 2018 MacBook Pro but with 32g of ram

8 gigs. 4.23 might be the right choice. I will wait and see if any other answers pop up.

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Mostly just better ray tracing now.

There’s older stuff like

Mostly depends on what you need.
As well as why unreal, vs something that actually works and is lightweight…